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Dimplex Smart Electric Heaters with Wireless CONNEX™ Controllers

Dimplex CONNEX™ wireless control technology sets a new standard in comfort, energy-efficiency and control for residential and commercial heating. CONNEX™ delivers the ultimate in electric heating simplicity by providing synchronized control of an unlimited number of CONNEX™ enabled Smart Heaters.

And now with the WiFi Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX™ Controller you can control your heating from anywhere using your mobile device and the CONNEX™ Electric Heating Control App.

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Dimplex CONNEX App for WiFi Controller

Why homeowners love Dimplex CONNEX™

Save on your energy bill
Save on your energy bill with zone heating and 7-day programming. CONNEX™ can create up to 9% in additional energy cost savings.
Arrive in comfort
Arrive in comfort by raising the temperature of your home or cottage before you get there. With WiFi technology, you have remote access anywhere.
Customize your heat settings
Customize your heat, in up to four zones based on room occupancy and family member preference.
Electric heating control from anywhere
Electric heating control from anywhere using your mobile device. You no longer have to wonder if you remembered to turn down the heat.


Cost savings at your fingertips

The CONNEX™ wireless system brings multiple savings benefits together to put you back in control of your heating. Did you know that the return on investment for a CONNEX™ electric heating system is 3-5 years? After that the savings each year are all yours.

CONNEX smart fan heaters and baseboards deliver 29-33% more energy savings compared to their conventional counterparts. The built-in electronic thermostat uses active temperature sensing at the air inlet, which is more accurate than a wall thermostat. On top of the savings from using Dimplex Smart Heaters, you can save an extra 9% on energy costs with a pre-programmed 7-day setting. 

CONNEX™ wireless control technology allows for easy and convenient whole-home control of compatible Smart Heaters. The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller manages all heaters, zones and programs for an entire home. It's easy to combine zone heating with 7-day/4-event programs to realize incredible energy savings!

Advanced smart wireless + WiFi technology

Whole-home electric heat control
Whole-Home Control - wireless control of all Smart Heaters in up to four zones, including micro-zones, to eliminate cold spots in a room.
Learning Technology
Learning Technology - learns the environment and adapts to maintain better comfort. It detects even the slightest change and adjusts fittingly.
Active temperture sensing
Active Temperture Sensing - senses the rooms temperature at the air inlet providing more accuracy than a wall thermostat.
Built-in Electronic Thermostat
Built-in Electronic Thermostat - maintains precise room temperature to maximize comfort and minimize energy costs.