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Benefits of CONNEX®

Dimplex CONNEX® wireless control technology allows for easy and convenient whole-home control of CONNEX compatible smart heaters. With a number of benefits ranging from more comfort to more money in your pocket, you are sure to love everything that CONNEX has to offer. 

Keep reading to discover just how revolutionary CONNEX technology is. 

  1. Save on Your Energy Bill

The CONNEX wireless system brings multiple savings benefits together to put you back in control of your heating. Did you know that the return on investment for a CONNEX electric heating system is 3-5 years? After that the savings each year are all yours.

CONNEX smart fan heaters and baseboards deliver 29-33% more energy savings compared to their conventional counterparts. The built-in electronic thermostat uses active temperature sensing at the air inlet, which is more accurate than a wall thermostat. On top of the savings from using Dimplex Smart Heaters, you can save an extra 9% on energy costs with a preprogrammed 7-day setting. 

CONNEX wireless control technology allows for easy and convenient whole-home control of compatible Smart Heaters. The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller manages all heaters, zones, and programs for an entire home. It's easy to combine zone heating with 7-day/4-event programs to realize incredible energy savings!

Thinking of using CONNEX as a secondary source of heat? There are still substantial cost savings.

CONNEX electric heaters help you warm the areas you use most, often allowing you to reduce your primary source of heat. Reducing your central furnace temperature by 10°F (6°C) to 15°F (8°C) for 8 hours can save about 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill.
  1. Enjoy Electric Heating Control from Anywhere
Have you ever left your home for an extended vacation only to realize you forgot to turn off the heat? With Dimplex CONNEX, you no longer have to worry. 

Electric heating control from anywhere using your mobile device means you can simply open your app and adjust your temperature, giving you more peace of mind and letting you enjoy your vacation without worry!

  1. Arrive in Comfort
While it makes sense to turn your heat down when you are not using your space, there are few things less comfortable than arriving to a cold home or cottage after you have been away. With CONNEX, this is no longer an issue. 

Using the Wi-Fi Multi-Zone Programmable controller and CONNEX heaters, you can have remote access anywhere. Simply raise the temperature of your home or cottage, before you get there, using our mobile app, and be sure to arrive in comfort.

Own a business and don't want to have the heat on full when you are away but want the office to be comfortable when you return? 

Use the app's scheduling function to ensure space is comfortable when you arrive, while also ensuring you save money while the business is closed.

  1. Customize Your Heat Settings
Dimplex electric heating products are a smart, practical and efficient zone heating solution for any space. Zone heating is an easy way to keep your energy costs down; by simply heating the rooms you spend the most time in instead of heating your entire home. 

With the ability to control up to four zones from one device, you can customize your heat, based on room occupancy and family member preference and, with 7-day programming, you can automate your heaters operation, adding even more convenience. 

  1. Whole Home Control
Individual thermostats for each room is a thing of the past. Our Multi-zone Programmable Controllers now let you group thermostats into up to four zones, including micro-zones. This means you can choose to control your whole home from one device, while also considering family member preference and occupancy.

  1. More Comfort
CONNEX heaters are equipped with technology that allows them to learn the environment and adapt to change so that you can maintain better comfort. It will detect even the slightest change and adjust accordingly.

Active Temperature Sensing also helps maintain a more consistent temperature by sensing the temperature of the room at the air inlet of each heater, providing more accuracy than a wall thermostat.

Combine this with the built-in electronic thermostat and you can guarantee your space will maintain a more precise room temperature for maximum comfort and energy savings.

  1. Easy to Install
Because CONNEX smart heaters use wireless technology to communicate with one another, you and your contractors can save time and materials, minimizing the disruption felt by you and your family. 

There no holes to cut or wires to run. 

In fact, with a 1,500 sq. ft. house, CONNEX can create up to 159 ft. in wiring savings! It is no surprise that electrical contractors and homeowners appreciate the easy to install features of CONNEX.