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Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX® Controller

CX-MPC Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller

Model #CX-MPC

The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX® Controller is a Dimplex exclusive, operating four individual heat zones wirelessly from one remote location.

CONNEX wireless technology easily synchronizes multiple Linear Proportional Convectors and Precision Comfort Heaters to one controller for precise temperature control throughout the home. The easy- to-use touch screen allows for 7-day/ 4-event programming that combines with zone heating for incredible energy savings.

Controls & Wiring

RF transmitter for wireless control of 4 heat zones. Touch screen programmable display allows for whole home control of all Dimplex LPC and PCH series heaters. Features 7-day and 4-event daily scheduling with “Quick Set” programming.


Radio Frequency Control

Equipped with CONNEX wireless technology that synchronizes with Dimplex LPC and PCH heaters for simple whole home control.

Easy to Install

Save time and material with no holes to cut or wires to run.

Four Heat Zones

Program heaters in up to four zones to run a schedule that suits the homeowner’s lifestyle for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Quick Set Programming

Within each zone, easily set different programs for every day of the week, and 4 daily events (wake, away, home, sleep).

Backlit Touch Screen

Large display with easy-to-use touch screen.

Detachable Installation Bracket

Program wirelessly from the comfort of your chair.

AA Batteries Included

Provides extended battery life; easy to replace.




50' (15.24 m)

Available in

North America



Construction Materials

White molded polymer, with a LCD touch screen for ease of programming.


Complete with detachable mounting bracket for simple programming & installation


CONNEX Compatible