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Enjoy an Early Spring: Even in Cold Weather

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 6, 2012 6:28:04 AM

With spring approaching, the draw of the outdoors is pulling everyone outside toward their patios and porches. Although the cold of winter is still lingering across much of North America, there is hope for those of us who can’t seem to resist spending time outdoors. Patio heaters are a convenient way of keeping your outdoor space cozy and warm even when the weather is trying to keep you inside.

For many of us, spring brings to mind warm breezes and baseball filled afternoons and there is no reason you cannot step out and enjoy more of spring's ambiance even when those March evenings are still a little too cold for comfort. The fact of the matter is, no matter how comfortable and cozy your home may be, nothing can compare to spending time outside on a perfect spring day. The sun shining and a cool breeze blowing across your deck are just a few of the comforting sensations that make outdoor spaces an essential aspect of any home. We sit in our homes all winter waiting to enjoy the quiet and relaxing comforts of our backyards only to peer from our windows in frustration as spring brings those inevitably chilly nights that make it just a little to cold to be outside.

Fortunately, smaller radiant heaters are a perfect option for anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor space. These small, portable heaters are perfect to attach to any overhang or against the post of any screened in porch.

This is a Dimplex Ventura Radiant Heater

It is important to note that these radiant heaters also run silently, ensuring that no one will notice them as your friends and family enjoy the warming ambiance of a perfectly heated space. Patio heaters can help create that ideal environment and temperature that we all want on our back porches and patios. They can turn those chilly nights you have spent huddled under blankets in your favorite lawn chair into a relaxed evening with friends and family spent in perfect comfort.

Just imagine drinks on the back porch late into the evening with a few dear friends or staying warm while you watch the kids play wiffleball on a cool spring evening. With radiant porch and patio heaters you can finally shorten your winter and extend your summer while enjoying your very own outdoor paradise.

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