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Spring Cleaning – Out with the Old, in with the New

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 12, 2014 1:50:39 PM

With the first official day of spring finally within sight, it’s time to tackle those nagging home projects you’ve been putting off all winter. Aside from shedding those pounds and bettering yourself personally, sprucing up your living space is a great way to breathe a breath of fresh air into your homestead. You’ll feel more relaxed and in control the more time you spend getting your home into tiptop shape. It may even motivate you to break out the grill and host the first official soiree of spring, which is a great reward for a day of deep cleaning.


Get Organized

There’s nothing more satisfying than cleaning out your closet. Swap out the winter gear and heavy coats for pastels and shorts, all while taking an inventory of what you have. Be realistic- make a pile of the things that are too small or that you know you’ll never wear again to donate or sell – it’ll just make space for new things!

Set the Mood

Spring is all about bright colors, floral scents and sunshine. Say goodbye to drab winter with some new accent pieces and textiles that play with patterns and textures. Candles, pillows, and lamps are all inexpensive ways to create a sensory experience that is light and uplifting.

Cleaning supplies

Clean, Clean, Clean

It goes without saying, a clean home is a happy home and the devil is in the details. Crank the music up, make a pitcher of iced beverages for reinforcements, and buckle down. Polish the silver, dust the mirrors, and wipe down the walls. You’ll feel a deep sense of catharsis and accomplishment. Special items to focus on include the stainless steel appliances, the carpet, and the tiles, which mask dirt pretty well, but deserve some special TLC once a year.

Now that you’re done, don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work by giving yourself some time to relax and curl up in front of your fireplace.


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