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Tips for Adding a Fireplace to a Small Space

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 29, 2015 10:57:05 AM

We all love the warmth of a fireplace on a cold night; when you snuggle in and enjoy the light and heat that only a fireplace can bring. But what do you do in a small space? In your condo, town-home, apartment, or dorm? We’ve collected a few tips and ideas to incorporate a lovely electric fireplace feature in any area without sacrificing those precious square feet.

Wall-mounted Fireplaces

A wall-mounted fireplace can add depth and can be a focal point to any sized room. All you need is a space large enough for your desired fireplace. The wall-mount will keep your room warm while at the same time, not take up any floor space in a cramped room. The benefit of an electric fireplace, especially in rentals and apartments, is the ease of installation – simply plug it in and you’ll be feeling the wall-mount’s warmth in no time!

DWF1203B_LS2_Lacey_150dpi DWF36PG_LS_150dpi

Examples of Wall-mounts:


Corner Fireplaces

A corner fireplace can provide the beauty of a mantel and not take up any floor space. While the fireplace may not be the focal point of the room, it’ll sure provide just as much heat! They’ll blend seamlessly into an existing space’s décor, and can come in a variety of shapes, finishes and media. With no need for vents or gas installations, and corner electric fireplace can provide on-demand heat just when you need it most.

Examples of Corner Fireplaces:


Electric Stoves

Eclectic and traditional at the same time, electric stoves bring a warmth to any room. A small space will feel cozy with the addition of an electric stove that won’t take up much floor space. They’re also portable and can move room-to-room where the heat is needed most – all you need is a wall socket!




DS5629GlossPewter_Stove_Setting MiniCubeB_insitu LR

Examples of Electric Stoves:


Unique Fireplaces

Think out of the box with a unique fireplace like the Opti-myst. With models with or without heat options, enjoy the leading Dimplex flame. As the mist rises up through the plate, the light reflects against the water molecules creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. As a free-standing piece, an insert, or a wall-mount, the Opti-myst offers a multitude of space-saving solutions.

DFI400R_CC_150dpi BOF4068L_Front_150dpi

Examples of Dimplex Opti-mysts:


Whether you’re in a small or large space, you’ll have a variety of choices to bring warmth to the room. Don’t let a small room keep you from exploring the many décor options that come with adding a focal electric fireplace!

Dimplex Free Electric Fireplace Idea Book

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