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Dealer Profile - Stylish Fireplaces

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 25, 2017 10:21:55 AM

Stylish Fireplaces 2.pngStylish Fireplaces specialized in electric fireplaces from the beginning. It's what separates them from most other hearth dealers.

As co-founder Jeanne Grier explains, “we were attracted by the beauty of electric fireplaces back in 2002, when we encountered them through our design business. We recognized the ease with which we could incorporate them into a client's decor, and we decided to display a few in our first showroom.”  

Around the time that they were rebranding, Stylish Fireplaces realized that there was an opportunity to do more than the fireplace. Their clients wanted custom mantels and other products to complete the project.  

Stylish Fireplaces 1-132556-edited.pngElectric fireplaces offer homeowners the unique benefit of having more options for the surround materials because electric fireplaces have no combustion. This, plus the savings on purchasing an electric fireplace rather than a combustion unit, allow for the customer to focus on the design and décor options with Stylish Fireplaces, ensuring they are thrilled with their new electric fireplace.

“Our approach in the new location was to show as many complete fireplace walls as possible, with as many different materials as possible. We know that this is what differentiates us and we’ve heard that from clients,” says Grier.  “We sell all of the finishing products that we have on display, and we have personally installed every one, so we can educate clients on installation if necessary. Because electric fireplaces are zero-clearance we can show a lot more than just stone and tile,” Grier continues.

“We allocated half our showroom to Dimplex because they are the most recognized brand in electric fireplaces. As soon as clients do a bit of research online, they discover Dimplex. We also like their products, innovation, and reliability.  We wanted to be known for having the most extensive Dimplex showroom around,” says Grier.  The response to their showroom has been phenomenal, with customers telling them how nice it is to find a store with such an impressive assortment of electric fireplaces.  “Our customers find our showroom inspiring and it helps them envision the finished product, making it easy to purchase with confidence,” adds Grier.  

Their goal is to provide their customers with complete project support from start-to-finish, as well as the most complete product assortment possible. That combination ensures they can offer superior value compared to big box stores or online retailers.

Stylish Fireplaces 3.pngThe showroom is a converted warehouse, so while it's not fancy it's packed with inspiration.

Furthermore, Stylish Fireplaces demonstrates that electric fireplaces have amazing potential for custom installations, even more so when you consider that they are suitable for almost any location, room, climate, and building type. 

See how Stylish Fireplaces can help inspire you with your project by visiting their online gallery or see their dazzling showroom in person, located at 8301 Jane Street, Unit 9, Vaughan, Ontario.

Jeanne and Colin Grier have run a successful interior design business for over 20 years, and have dealt with fireplaces for close to 15 years. They bring a unique perspective to fireplace selection, whether working with retail clients or their trade partners.


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Content Contributed By: Jeanne Grier of Stylish Fireplaces


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