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Electric Fireplaces Compliment an Energy Efficient Lifestyle

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 19, 2017 12:12:14 PM

Today, we are seeing more and more cities, states, provinces and countries move towards products that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

Often California is at the forefront of this change, propelling new products and innovations into the market, and this year they made some big changes that will have a significant impact on the building industry, nationwide.

As of January 2017, the California Energy Commission put regulations in place that focus on reducing energy consumption and the cost of construction. Their goal is to put forth regulations that will result in zero net energy buildings.

Four areas that stood out in the new California Energy Code were:


Roof InsulationIn addition, new roofing options, such as cool roofs and insulated shingles, will likely gain popularity as Californian builders opt for more energy efficient materials, following the trend laid out by the Code. 

Attics are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to lost heat and air conditioning, which has a direct effect on the energy you consume to keep your home comfortable. As part of the new changes made to the California Energy Code, attics will now require additional insulation at the roof deck and in the ceiling to moderate attic temperatures.

The goal is to get Californian attics within 5 degrees of the cooled home by using insulation to reduce attic temperatures by 35 degrees or more during California’s extremely hot summers.

Water Heaters

Growing in popularity, tank-less water heaters are high efficiency water heaters that offer hot water on-demand. The new Energy Code requires that tank-less water heaters be installed to help reduce consumption by approximately 35%.


LED Light Bulbs

There are no national LED standards in the United States but, by introducing a requirement for LED lighting, California has likely driven its implementation. As of 2017, new built homes and remodels will have to replace traditional lighting with LED lighting to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


Similar to the roofing insulation, the Code mandates that high performance materials will be used in wall construction, to help reduce the loss of temperature controlled air. Doing so will further reduce the energy needed to keep building comfortable for occupants.

It Doesn't Stop in California

While these efficiency regulations are specific to California, it’s expected that they will have a far-reaching affect for builders nationwide.

As large Californian builders start turning to these materials, the product offerings will grow, creating additional options for contractors everywhere.

In fact, we will likely see contractors in California, who also have developments across the country, using the products specific to California’s new regulations, in all their developments providing they are cost effective. 

As a frontrunner for innovation in the electric heating sector, focused both on beauty and efficiency / environmentally friendliness, we are excited to hear about these changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dimplex products align incredibly well with these new regulations.

Dimplex products align incredibly well with California's new regulations.

Our electric fireplaces are 100% efficient and environmentally friendly. They produce zero emissions and there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

And moreover, our electric fireplaces are high quality, stunning pieces that will make any space appear comfortable and luxurious. They are a perfect addition to any home, including zero energy ready homes.

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