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Enjoy Smart Electric Heating Without Replacing Your Heaters

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 1, 2017 9:23:28 AM

Enjoy Smart Electric Heating Without Replacing Your HeatersSleek, design-friendly, innovative and efficient are just some of the many ways that consumers and professionals describe CONNEX® Smart Heaters. And, for those who are looking to replace their current electric heating system, or who are installing electric for the first time, the CONNEX Smart Home Heating System is the perfect option.

For the homeowner who is not ready to replace their baseboard heaters or have recently installed non-CONNEX heaters, the comfort and convenience of Smart Heating was not something they could take advantage of…. 

Until now!

With the CONNEX Smart Thermostat homeowners are able to control any model, any brand or any style of fan forced and convection electric heater with the energy efficiency, comfort and convenience of CONNEX, without having to replace the entire heating system.  

Simply replace any existing wall thermostat with the New CONNEX Smart Thermostat from Dimplex to bring old heaters up to cutting-edge SMART performance.  

This will not only give you that ability to create customizable schedules based on daily activities so that the temperature will be turned down when you leave or back up ahead of arriving home, it will reduce your energy bill and, when used in conjunction with the Wi-Fi Multi-zone Programmable Controller, will give you control and oversight over your heating system from anywhere in the world.

Once you have replaced your wall thermostats with the CONNEX Smart Thermostat your heaters will become compatible with any of our CONNEX Controllers.

Single-zone Programmable Controller

With the wireless Single-zone CONNEX Controller you can operate one or more heaters in a single zone. This controller is super easy to install and simply snaps into a décor-style wall plate. All of our controllers communicate wirelessly with CONNEX enabled heaters and the CONNEX Smart Thermostat

Install one Single-zone Programmable Controller remote control for multiple units and maintain a precise temperature throughout your home. Or, use multiple Single-zone Controllers to set desired temperatures in different rooms (i.e. you like it cold in the bedroom but warm in the living room).

Multi-zone Programmable Controller

Like the Single-zone Controller, the Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller wirelessly controls CONNEX enabled heaters and smart thermostats but, with the Multi-zone Programmable Controller, you can operate up to four individual heat zones from one controller.

Battery operated, this controller can be mounted to the wall, using detachable installation brackets, without running any wires. 

Wi-Fi Multi-zone Programmable Controller

If you are looking to control your heaters, from anywhere in the world, the CONNEX mobile app, this is the controller you need!

The Wi-Fi Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller has all of the same features as the standard Multi-zone Controller but the added Wi-Fi lets you manage your Dimplex CONNEX smart heaters or thermostats using your mobile device.

If comfort is important to you and your family, installing a Dimplex Wifi Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX Controller in conjunction with the CST will have you experiencing the most important comfort of all…The comfort of control (without a complete heating upgrade).

No matter which controller you use, the NEW CONNEX Smart Thermostat will let you enjoy more convenience, comfort and savings.

Learn More About the CST - CONNEX Smart Thermostat

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