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Go Green This Earth Day with Electric

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Go Green This Earth Day with ElectricToday, people around the world will be celebrating Earth Day! This important day puts an emphasis on being green, reducing our carbon footprint and finding new ways to help the earth stay healthy for us and our families.

But, being environmentally friendly shouldn’t stop once Earth Day ends. We should constantly strive to find ways to sustain our environment.

A great way to do this is to equip your home with the latest environmentally friendly technologies. Not only will this help you be more green, it often puts more money back into your wallet!

Electric heat is one of the cleanest options available, whether you use an electric fireplace or an electric heater. It is 100% efficient, converting every bit of inputted energy into heat, and it has a lower environmental impact when compared to other heat sources.

Electric Heat Has Zero Local Emissions

Electric heaters and fireplaces produce zero annual pollutants, which means they are not expelling any harmful gases, particles or emissions into your home or the environment.

In addition, electric heating appliances don’t produce carbon monoxide, eliminating the risk of poisoning, they do not add moisture to your home, and there is no opportunity for dangerous fuel leaks. This means they are not only safe for the environment but they are also safe for your family! 

Electric Heat Preserves Natural Resources

Unlike other heating appliances, electric appliances do not use natural resources, such as wood and fossil fuels, to produce heat! This means that you can keep you home warm while minimizing the amount of natural resources that your family consumes.

Electricity is Sustainable

In contrast to carbon-based fuels, which have to be taken from the ground and refined, more and more electricity today comes from clean and renewable sources, such as solar and wind.

And because electricity has an existing delivery infrastructure, there’s no environmental cost of transporting via truck, train, or pipeline.

Electricity is Perfect for a Zero Energy Ready Home

Zero Energy Ready homes are built with efficiency and green living in mind. The goal behind these homes is to offset energy consumption almost entirely, if not completely, using renewable energy sources. 

By opting for an electric fireplace or electric heaters you can start your journey towards a home that is self-sustaining.

So, if you are looking for a cleaner alternative this Earth Day, we suggest going electric!

To see all of the innovative and beautiful electric fireplace and heating options we have available, head over to our website!

Happy Earth Day!

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