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Maintenance Free Saltwater Aquariums Have Business Owners Enhancing Their Client Experiences

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 8, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Opti-V_Aquarium_LS2_CROP_300dpi.jpgHigh-end aquariums are gaining popularity in interior design and home décor. 

Salt water aquariums are gaining in popularity in interior design and home décor, while improving physical and mental well-being of on lookers.

As reported by Mark Kinver, Environmental Reporter, BBC News, “aquariums are a nice way to make the invisible marine environment just outside our doors visible and accessible.” Dr. White, whose research appears in the Journal of Environment and Behaviour, told the BBC, “As you might expect, people felt a lot more relaxed and significantly happier after watching the tank … and there were significant drops in heart rates and significantly lower blood pressure.”

Aquariums are a stunning addition to commercial buildings where owners are looking to enhance the customer experience.  From daycare to long-term care facilities to waiting rooms and hospitality spaces aquariums have long time been a focal feature among patrons.    

Over the years we have seen these focal points become removed and replaced as a result of expensive care and servicing to keep these ecosystems alive and well.   

Now you can enjoy the beauty of a live aquarium without worrying about the on-going costs and maintenance associated with properly creating, cleaning and maintaining one.

The Opti-V Aquarium from Dimplex North America uses unprecedented technology creating a virtual aquarium experience that is both breathtaking and realistic.

Besides it’s undeniable wow-factor, this virtual aquarium has several other added benefits.

Unlike traditional aquariums, the Opti-V Aquarium is a one-time cost and, because you don’t have to worry about access for maintenance purposes, it’s applications are endless. It also offers a seamless installation with its direct wired connection to a 120/240V circuit, and features a zero-clearance design for built-in applications.

The Opti-V Aquarium is also economical, costing less than a penny a day to operate, and is easy to operate with a convenient Dimplex remote control to turn the aquarium on/off and manage the volume of the calming bubbling sound.

The Opti-V Aquarium is the perfect blend of magic and realism. It’s sure to draw attention in any business reception area, and clients will find it pleasant and soothing to watch. Imagine the delight of a child having the Opti-V in their bedroom providing just the right amount of colourful glow at night.

If you are looking for a creative, vibrant, focal point for any room, bring the ambiance of the natural world into your space with a beautiful Opti-V Aquarium. Family, guests, and even clients will enjoy it, and watching your aquarium may actually make them feel better!


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