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When natural gas install was too expensive, Toronto stylist goes for electric fireplace

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 31, 2019 3:42:30 PM

The following is a guest post from interior stylist Jaclyn Harper:

When designing my living room I wanted a casual, livable space. My husband and I wanted to start a family in this home so we chose elements that would wear well with children and entertaining.

We wanted to go bold with our fireplace. It’s the main feature when you walk in the front door of our home and it really brings the wow factor.

Dimplex electric fireplace on accent wall

I love the contrast of the black shiplap against the white walls. By bringing the shiplap all the way to the ceiling we added dimension to the space.

An electric fireplace was the most cost effective route for us. My husband and I had a complete home renovation underway and we realized that if we went with gas, the ventilation and gas lines would cost us up to $10,000.

When I saw the Dimplex Revillusion, I knew it was the perfect solution for our dilemma. It provides the ambiance and heat we were looking for. Plus, it’s super cost effective. When it’s turned on without heat it uses the same amount of electricity as a single light bulb. Impressive right? We love that.



My favorite feature about our fireplace is just how real it looks. It adds dimension to the space, whether it's on or off. If you have kids it's a great option as well because it doesn’t get too hot. We love this unit and use it daily, even in the summer, as we can simply choose the no-heat option but still get the amazing ambiance of a fire.

Jaclyn Harper is the Owner & Lead Stylist for Harper Designs – a Burlington, Ontario based design firm. Jaclyn has worked in television for the past eight years and has hosted shows such as Morning Live First Edition, Tiny Talent Time and was a host for The Shopping Channel. These days, when Jaclyn is not working with design clients, you can find her as a Design Expert for shows like The Marc and Mandy Show, CTV Your Morning, Global Morning, CTV Southwest and CHCH Morning Live. 

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Jaclyn Harper

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