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The Linear Proportional Convector Heaters Are “A Great Product”

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 3, 2017 3:06:56 PM

LPC in condo room extended

We recently received a raving review, from a Dimplex customer, on our Linear Proportional Convector heater. 

A few years ago this customer added a 300 square foot addition to their home. The addition had several windows, taking up at least 50% of the wall area, there was no basement or heating under it and it faced north, meaning they would get less sun and therefore warmth, especially in the winter months.

When they had it installed, they opted for standard floor vents, which would carry heat and A/C from the main part of the house to the addition. It was a fairly long run and as a result, the heat was marginal, especially during very cold weather.

In fact, the only way to ensure that the addition received adequate heat, was to turn the furnace up very high, which was not an ideal solution.

Having had previous experience with Dimplex products, they decided to install a Dimplex fireplace in the addition.

“While it did a good job, it had to run constantly to keep the room temperature at 21°C (69.8°F)”.

It was not until this winter, when they stayed home, as opposed to spending the winter down south, that they decided they needed to find a new solution.

They started researching other methods of heating online. Eventually, they came across our Linear Proportional Convector (LPC) heaters and were “impressed by the fact that [we] had received awards for the product.”

The award, they are referring to, is the Coup de Coeur Award. This award was given to us, for our Linear Proportional Convector heaters, during the Contech Trade Show in 2011.

The customer decided to call our customer service center to further discuss their needs with one of our customer service representatives.

“After explaining my concerns, [the representative] recommended the 2500 Watt LPC.”

They headed to their local hardware store to check the product out for themselves.

“I was surprised at the price, a real bargain”, the customer commented. They continued to add “the unit was so compact in size as compared to standard baseboard heaters.”

Satisfied with the product, the customer proceeded to purchase the 2500 Watt LPC heater and brought it home to have it installed by a local electrical firm.

“The results were totally amazing."

“Immediately after installation the effect was apparent,” the customer shared. They then explained that “the room had never been so evenly warmed,” and added that “the unit is 99% soundless.”

They also enjoyed the built-in thermostat control because it is “simple to operate…and the LED light [was] most welcome for [their] old eyes.

Best of all, “[their] heat bills haven't changed at all” even though winter, where they live “has been brutally cold”. 

“In a capsule, this product is all it was advertised as and more. It is certainly a best buy from a point of initial and operating cost. Congratulations on a great product!”

Dimplex Linear Proportional Convector heaters are a sleek, compact and effective heating solution. Their revolutionary design reduces energy consumption and increases comfort, providing up to 33% energy in savings.

They are coated with a specially-formulated, ecofriendly finish that resists fading and abrasion, increasing their lifespan.

Additionally, the LPC comes equipped with an onboard electronic thermostat that controls and maintains a consistent room temperature, and it is CONNEX™ enabled.

This means that you can use the optional Single-zone and Multi-zone CONNEX™ Controllers with the heater, allowing for whole home connectivity and comfort.

It truly is a great product!


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