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Why Electric Heat is the Best Choice for Green Buildings

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 31, 2016 10:37:37 AM

Why Electric Heating is the Best Option for Green Building Industry

In a recent article published in the January issue of ei, an electrical industry magazine by NEMA, Gary Kraemer, manager, marketing and communications, of Dimplex North America Ltd, talks about how electric heat is an important component of the building industry's movement towards greener projects.

More and more, green building is becoming a mainstream way of doing business, thanks to shifts in social, political, and economic factors. In his article, Gary says,

             “For residential and commercial owners alike, going green isn’t just about doing the                right thing; it is about providing an economic solution to rising energy costs.”

And energy costs are rising. According to a report by Scotiabank from 2014, the trend has shown a steady rise in the cost of energy since the 90’s, rising over 5% in 2014 alone.  For consumers and commercial interests alike - a push to greener building means saving costs as well as the environment.

Homeowner interest in energy-efficient homes is greater than ever before. Builders are now offering net-zero homes, and as the price of energy alternatives approaches parity with traditional fuel products, their use will become more and more common.

According to the Canada Green Building Council, builders are starting to recognize and respond to consumer’s demand for greener residential and commercial projects. In their recent report,  70% of builders surveyed expected 60% of their projects in 2017 to be green. It is more than the demand coming from consumers however that powers this shift. It is also an interest in eco-friendly workplaces, low overhead operating costs, higher asset valuation, and compliance with building codes which require a certain level of energy efficiency and performance.

So what is the solution?

When builders are planning their green projects, they may be asking themselves, what type of energy best suits these efforts? Electricity is the clear answer. In contrast to carbon-based fuels which have to be taken from the ground and refined, electricity can only become cleaner as newer, more renewable sources come online. And because electricity has an existing delivery infrastructure, there’s no environmental cost of transporting via truck, train, or pipeline.

Electric heating therefore, plays an integral role in the solution needed to maximize the effectiveness of renewable energy in this sector. So what are some of the important benefits of implementing electric heating solutions?

Electric heaters go with green building
  • Flexible, Precise, & On-Demand. With the introduction of smart electric heaters, such as Dimplex’s CONNEX™ line, user-friendly remote controls allow the user to improve their energy efficiency and savings with the touch of a button. By dividing the house or building into ‘zones’, CONNEX™ allows greater flexibility and precision to target the heating needs of individual rooms, and even specific areas of those rooms. This type of zone heating provides energy savings in the central heating environment by reducing central heating usage,  while maintaining comfort in areas with more traffic and usage.
  • Clean & Safe in Every Way. With no ductwork to accumulate dust, allergens, and other airborne particles, electric heat fosters better indoor air quality which results in better health and comfort for consumers. And because electric heat has 100% efficiency, it produces no greenhouse gasses, carbon monoxide, or other potentially harmful emissions.
  • Easy to Install & Maintain. Because Dimplex electric heating systems involve single-trade installation requiring no piping or venting through the building envelope, there is no risk of air and moisture penetration. They are also extremely durable and unlike many other traditional fuel sources require very minimal maintenance.

Electric heating is going to play a bigger and bigger role in the movement towards highly energy efficient and green buildings. Electric is the key to a sustainable future, and residential and commercial builders are starting to recognize and embrace this opportunity.


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